Happy 2 Year Anniversary to Public Space Singalong!

It was two years ago today that an intrepid group of musicians and singers walked into the Second Street Tunnel to serenade passing cars and bicyclists with songs about outer space.

In celebration, we’re posting a video from KCET’s Artbound on last year’s PSS under the Happy Foot Sad Foot sign.

(The embedded player is a bit finicky, in Chrome most especially, so if you’re having trouble loading it you can view it on Artbound’s site here.)

This hour-long special covered several of the projects that Machine Project produced for its Field Guide to LA Architecture, as part of the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A. You can see Bennett and I chatting about the project at 51:30 or so, as well as the video that Machine Project produced about the event last year that was posted on this very blog a few months ago (oh, and Artbound’s credits rolling while we sing “Sweet Caroline”).

Stay tuned for information on what we have cooking for 2014!



Screen shot 2014-08-26 at 10.53.51 AM

Public Space Singalong founder and HaFoSaFo Chorus co-organizer chat on Artbound in moody black and white!



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